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Neglecting our “shouts”


Written on 13th August 2014

It’s been a very busy summer here at Webnetism, so busy we have neglected our “shouts”.

It’s been a very busy summer here at Webnetism, so busy we have neglected our “shouts”.

So what have we been up to?

Busy, busy, busy delivering some very exciting new projects, some of which have recently gone live and others that are in user acceptance testing.

Ultra Electronics - The most notable “go live” this summer has been the new website for Ultra Electronics which is using a bespoke version of our CMS42 content management system. Read more about the Ultra website design and development project here.

Jamie Knight Carpentry - A much smaller but equally important website for Jamie Knight Carpentry went live just this week. Why is this significant? Find out more about the Search Optimisation and website design of this project here.
Mira Showers Experts ZoneThis work was a large update to an entire section of the Mira Showers website. The expert’s zone had not seen any updates in a while and the new style and design brighten it up with additional content and functionality.

Windows & Doors iPad app & Phoenix Doors app - iOS apps have also taken a stronger turn this summer with the latest two apps being launched to iTunes in the last two months. Read about the Windows & Doors iPad app here.

TRL Intranet - We launched an intranet system for TRL Technology which has been a huge success. Unfortunately the nature of an intranet means we can’t show you screen shots of it or discuss exactly how it works. But trust us – it works well enough that TRL asked us to develop a TRL Social intranet too.

TRL Social - The TRL Social site is an extension of the intranet providing a platform for social interactions between the staff and management. Think of it as a Facebook merged with eBay and LinkedIn.

Safechoice Toolbox - Set to go live in early September is the Safechoice toolbox application. This is a large development for Safechoice allowing their customers to manage all their leads, provide pricing and track quotes and installations. More on this when it launches!

What’s on the cards over the next two months?

  • The Ultra Electronics Extranet is in UAT at present and will launch early in September.
  • A new CMS based website is in UAT for Greenway Ecological and hopefully will launch as soon as all the content has been added!
  • Ridgemount Nursery - This is a small HTML website that is complete and awaiting content from the client. For us every client is important and this website will make a difference to this nursery just as the Ultra Electronics website will make a difference to their business. More on this when it goes live.
  • LuvPonies - As an existing client of ours it’s very nice to be able to provide a new ecommerce site with much greater functionality and an updated CMS and ecommerce platform. We are hoping to launch this site in early September, so more this later…

Other projects in the pipeline include a new websites for Ethical Screening, Toinfinity, Happy Puzzle Company, Tallis Country and Greenline Vehicle Rental.

We are busy, but as ever we would be delighted to hear from you.

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