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Are you looking for a Web Developer role? You could help us enhance our excellent team to assist in the creation of innovative and contemporary websites and bespoke applications. You will be responsible for delivering projects to customers that utilise our bespoke CMS and ecommerce platform. We run our systems on a Microsoft technology stack including ASP.NET (C#) and MS SQL Server.

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As managing director for Webnetism & Continental I overlook three core areas of business: software development, hosting and supply of bespoke computer hardware.

My mission is to ensure every client gets the very best customer experience.

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As Senior Developer I'm responsible for the systems that drive many of the websites Webnetism supply. I don't just plug websites in to an off the shelf system, I build those systems. I primarily develop in ASP/C#.Net and MS SQL, but am often involved in JavaScript (and jQuery), PHP, MySQL and ASP Classic projects.

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As Creative Director it’s my role to ensure the design concepts we produce fit the requirements of our clients and meet or exceed their expectations. Listening to clients to understand their message, review their target audience and putting together a solution that delivers that message in the most appropriate way.

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As Senior Developer, I work on a variety of projects for clients old and new. From integrating our CMS:42 into responsive websites to writing bespoke web applications. I've used Microsoft technologies for over 25 years, is our flavour at Webnetism.

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Ross (on the left)

I'm a front end web developer at Webnetism, creating & managing websites for multi-national, B2B companies. I'm experienced with mobile websites, content management systems & e-commerce, I specialise in design & UX, liaising with clients & developing briefs into truly bespoke solutions. I have also worked on search engine optimisation for a wide variety of clients.

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I'm the senior geek around here. I build and support most of our servers and ensure our data centre is up and running 24x7. I'm a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

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I help our customers turn their complex blueprints into something engaging, beautiful, simple and easy to use. A first impression is everything, which is why I’ve ensured that each site I’ve created has an elegant UI; no matter how complex and customised it might be behind the scenes.

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My job is to build new dynamic websites or/and improve functionality and responsiveness of existing ones. I make sure that our clients are happy with everything we develop. Primarily I develop using C#, ASP.Net and MS SQL but I also get involved in a range of other technologies.

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At Webnetism I provide desktop support to our team and help Paul out with support queries relating to hosting and email services. I also build up and test servers and help maintain our infrastructure.

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Nowadays, I deal with the financial side of the business but in the beginning, we built computer systems. In 2000, with some enthusiastic prompting from some arty friends we decided to branch out into Web Design. This led us to where we are now, still building bespoke hardware, but also bespoke eCommerce systems, Content Managed Systems and static websites all of which are hosted in our Secure Hosting environment on site. I still enjoy getting involved with the team trying to follow the latest technologies.

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As the Marketing Guru in the team I am responsible for delivering cross-channel marketing solutions through CRM, SEO, PPC etc – basically anything involving confusing acronyms.

I also like to get involved in project managing new websites and using my marketing flair to annoy our developers.

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It seems I take the role of ‘jack of all trades’. I work in the Accounts office using a lot of Sage (the software package, not the herb – although I do enjoy it with a leg of lamb).

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I have worked at Continental / Webnetism for what seems like a lifetime. I have my own space and run all the hardware side of our business. This includes specifying and ordering in all the components for our data centre.

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